Wolff Urban Development, LLC

Wolff Urban Development, LLC, with its roots dating back to 1968, is a leading private real estate and select business opportunity investment organization based in Los Angeles. The group acquires, develops and operates commercial real estate, including hotel & resort, office, industrial, sports and mixed-use properties. In addition, Wolff invests in hotel management companies, professional sports teams, and other hospitality related ventures.


Menlo Capital Group logo

Menlo Capital Group, LLC is a private investment firm based in San Francisco which has been an active investor and developer of real estate since 1976. During its three decade tenure, Menlo and its affiliates have developed or acquired over 50 assets, representing in excess of 1 million square feet of commercial, residential, industrial, hospitality, retail, and mixed used projects primarily in the San Francisco bay area.


Strome Group

Strome Group is the parent company of Strome Investment Management and a holding company for several concentrated business investments. Founded by Mark Strome, the firm has pursued this style of capital growth with great success over the past 30 years.